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 The emblem of Ami Town and Ami Town Hall 

Emblem :



Ami Town Hall :

 1-1-1 Chuo, Ami-machi, Inashiki-gun, 
 Ibaraki-ken, 300-0392, Japan

 Tel.029-888-1111   Fax.029-887-9560
 e-mail ami@town.ami.lg.jp

Lake Kasumigaura   Lake kasumigaura

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Lake kasumigaura Ami Town is located in the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture on the shores of Lake Kasumigaura, the second largest lake in Japan. The town is 30km from Narita International Airport and is within 60km of down town Tokyo. In addition it has two interchanges for the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway. It has been developing as a pleasant town balanced between an urban and a rural area.
@With this good location, Ami Town has promoted various kinds of activities to build ga town filled with peoplefs smilesh. Your comments and suggestions for the town are greatly welcomed.


71.39 ku


47,878  iAs of April, 2011)

Number of households

18,049 iAs of April, 2011)


(The percentage of the population in each industry /As of 2005)

Agriculture and Fishery

Manufacturing, Construction and Electrical Industry 27.2%
Transport, Communication, Commerce and Service 67.4%

Educational Facilities

Elementary School 8i0j
Junior High School 4i1j
Senior High School 1i1j

The number of Private schools is put in i@j.
National University 1
Prefectural University 1

Principal Agricultural Products

 Watermelon Lotus roots Yacon


Lotus roots


International Friendship

Sister City The City of Superior, Wisconsin, United States of America
(Agreement established on April 11, 1997)
Friendship City Linkei ken in Gui Lin City of Liuzhou, People's Republic of China

Area by Use

Total Area
6,497 ha

Farm land

Building site








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gAmih A Pleasant Town with Happy People and Beautiful Nature


Lake Kasumigaura:
@Ami Town faces Lake Kasumigaura. The shores have a marvelous view of Mt.Tsukuba. The lake also provides good fish for the people of the town.
Wooded Areas:
@The area of woods in the town is 1200hectares, which is precious asset for the region. The town has been striving to conserve this valuable natural resource.


@The basic industry of the town is agriculture. It is aiming to establish geat local foodsh the system that the products produced in Ami Town are preferably consumed in Ami
Town. Principal products are watermelons, lotus roots and gyaconsh that originally came from Latin America.
Commerce :
@In addition to many smaller enterprises and stores, there are shopping malls and an outlet mall in the town.
Manufacturing :
@Diverse companies are operating in the three industrial parks (Fukuda, Tsukuba-minami-daiichi and Ami-tobu).


@Ami Town had a military facility for gYokaren (Naval trainees to be aviators) during the war time. Its history is well-known nationwide and gYokaren Peace Memorial Museumh is sending precise history about it to the whole country.


@There are two universities (Ibaraki University/the agricultural department and Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences) and two hospitals (Tokyo Medical University Ibaraki Medical Center and Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences Hospital) in the town. Each of them is making great contributions to build quality of the town.

International Friendship

@Ami International Exchange Association takes the leadership to promote international friendship at the grass roots level. Ami Town is a sister city to the City of Superior, Wisconsin, United States of America and a friendship city to the City of Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Peoplefs Republic of China. These three cities send and receive delegations including junior high school students by turns.

Ami International Exchange Association

Annual Events

Spring :
@Cherry-blossom viewing. You can enjoy the glory of cherry blossoms everywhere such as at Self-Defense Ordnance School, Ibaraki University street, Sawayaka street and Ami Sports Park.
Summer :
@My Ami Festival. You can enjoy the opportunity of carrying a potable shrine, bon dancing, entertainment shows and other cultural events.
Autumn :
@Sawayaka Fair. This fair is held as a PR event of the town combined with gAmi Commerce and Industry Festivalh by the Chamber of Commerce and gSoryo Festivalh by Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences. Also various kinds of cultural activities are introduced as a part of gLifelong Study Festivalh.

Winter :
@Ami town marathon. Many people take part in and enjoy this marathon race.

Town policy

@Ami Town has promoted two policies, one is gto build a town committed to health and welfareh and the other is gto build a town committed to lifelong studyh, in cooperation with volunteers for many years. The town is proud of their results, and is going to work harder to make the town better.

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Link : Ami International Exchange Association

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